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Metallic Paint Primer (EM)

Metallic Paint Primer is an ideal primer and foundation color for Metallic Paints. This unique, interior/exterior acrylic primer contains zero VOC and zero Hazardous Air Pollutants. It promotes adhesion on smooth surfaces, dries fast and is immediately sandable when dry. It also provides excellent stain-blocking power and tolerates pH levels up to 13. Available in a Cool Tone and Warm Tone for use under our Metallic Paints.

Use with: Metallic Paint Collection (Satin & Matte), Exterior Metallic Paints, Metallic Plasters and Shimmerstone.

Sizes Available:
  • Quart
  • Gallon
Coverage: 350-450 sq. ft./gallon
Metal Effects Primer (AM203)

A unique water base, acrylic primer designed to block Patina Aging Solutions & Rust Activator from reaching the metal or wood surface chosen as a substrate. Other primers cannot be used because they allow the Patina Aging Solutions & Activators to penetrate through to the substrate.This will disrupt the desired patina color and damage the finish by bringing rust or tannic acids to the surface.

Use with: Metal Effects Oxidizing Paints

Sizes Available:
  • 4 oz.
  • Pint
  • Gallon
Coverage: 320 sq. ft./gallon
Texture Effects (TEX100)

This versatile product is a water base, acrylic, tintable, plaster-like medium that is ideal for raised relief, dimensional stenciling, and heavy distressed textures, but it goes way beyond that. It is readily sandable so it can be used to fill existing textures (orange peel and knock-down) and correct wall imperfections without shrinking or cracking during the drying process. It is self-priming and tintable, eliminating extra steps in the finish. Texture Effects is also self-sealing, so once dry, it can be over-glazed without the worry of it absorbing the glaze.

Sizes Available:
  • Gallon
Coverage: 90-140 sq. ft./gallon