Platinum Series

• Strong • Intense • Transparent Colors

Glazing Cream Colors
Glazing Cream Colors are very fluid colorants with a creamy emulsion. Designed to tint the Wall and Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream and can also be used for tinting KAI. Strong, intense, and transparent colors with an excellent color palette of over 40 colors designed for wall, furniture and cabinetry finishes. Great working time, dry as hard paint film, allows you to brush into glaze straight out of the bottle (SOB), reversible for a period of approximately one hour, then locks down to the surface.
Sizes Available:
4 oz. or 16 oz. flip top bottle

Pre-Mixed Pigment Dispersions
Pre-mixed Pigment Dispersions are low and no VOC colorants that contain no binders and will not dry to form a film. The Pre-mixed Pigment Dispersions are extremely strong and tint fast. Perfect for tinting textures and basecoats.
Sizes Available:
16 oz. flip top bottle

Transparent Colorants
  • Alabaster (PSSS1015)
  • Antique Linen (PSSS1016)
  • Black Sapphire (PSSS1029)
  • Blue Velvet (PSSS1028)
  • Canyon Clay (PSSS1023)
  • Cappuccino (PSSS1018)
  • Chocolate Raspberry (PSSS1019)
  • Cinnamon Slate (PSSS1020)
  • Dry Sage (PSSS1026)
  • Maritini Olive (PSSS1027)
  • Passion Plum (PSSS1025)
  • Pebble Beach (PSSS1017)
  • Raspberry Ice (PSSS1024)
  • Tuscan Sun (PSSS1022)
  • Wet Concrete (PSSS1021)
Opaque Colorants
  • Adobe (PSMT4000)
  • Caramel (PSMT4001)
  • Cassis (PSMT4002)
  • Dark Chocolate (PSMT4006)
  • Ebony (PSMT4007)
  • Emerald (PSMT4008)
  • Fern (PSMT4009)
  • Lapis (PSMT4013)
  • Marigold (PSMT4014)
  • Ruby (PSMT4003)
  • Sahara (PSMT4004)
  • Sangria (PSMT4005)
  • Slate Blue (PSMT4010)
  • Suede (PSMT4012)
  • Violet (PSMT4011)
  • White (PSMT4015)
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Note: on-screen and printer color representation may vary from actual paint colors.
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