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Q: What is the difference between Extender for Latex Paint and Tintable Glaze?
A: Extender for Latex Paint is used with “flat latex paint” to create a durable, translucent glaze. This type of glaze is used for finishes such as colorwashing, frottage, sponging and ragging. Extender for Latex Paint can be added to our Tintable Glaze and Decorative Painter’s Varnishes for a longer open time.

Tintable Glaze is tinted with Universal Tint or our ShimmerStone® Color Concentrates. It is not mixed with paint. This type of glaze is used for finishes such as marbling, wood graining, exotic mineral and overglazing.
Q: Can I use your Decorative Painter’s Varnishes on an exterior project?
A: For a dead flat finish, we recommend using our new Modern Masters Exterior Dead Flat Varnish.

If a higher gloss finish is desired, we would recommend using our Modern Masters MasterClear® which is available in a satin and semi-gloss finishes.
Q: After applying Decorative Painter’s Varnish to my wall (with a “foam roller”) there is a hazed look to the finish. What went wrong?
A: Decorative Painter’s Varnishes look best when brushed applied but can also be rolled or sprayed.

When rolling our Decorative Painter’s Varnishes you want to use a high quality low nap roller or varnish roller. We do not recommend using foam rollers as these can leave air bubbles and a hazed look to the finish. Hazing can also appear when a too thick of a coat is applied to the surface, capturing moisture in the finish. Applying multiple thin coats is recommended.

When spraying, use a HVLP sprayer. If thinning is necessary add up to 10% (3 fl oz.) water per quart.
Q: I’ve followed all of the steps for your China Crackle and I still haven’t gotten the large cracks I am trying to achieve. What is the problem?
A: Apply a thick layer of China Crackle Basecoat. This will increase the size of the cracks.
Q: Can I use your China Crackle Enhancers over any other finishes besides your China Crackle?
A: China Crackle Enhancers are made for this system but can be used over our other finishes as well. When applying over Metallic Paint Collection™ and ShimmerStone® product you will want to test for your finished color.

When using over Venetian Plaster you must first apply Venetian Plaster Satin Topcoat.
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