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Colorant Gallon
Acrylic/Polyurethane Colorants (CFX)

These Zero VOC Colorants along with our Colorfast EX Clear Bases create a sought after super-compliant Zero VOC system. The 14 fade-resistant colorants are ground in our proprietary resin system.  They can be cross-linked on their own using our Activator or mixed with Colorfast Zero VOC bases creating deep and vibrant colors with exceptional color retention and weathering properties.

Use with: Colorfast EX Zero VOC Polyurethane Bases & Activator

Sizes Available:
  • Gallon
Clear Base
Acrylic/Polyurethane Clear Bases (CFEXU)

Our 2-component Clear Bases are currently available in 3 sheens (Matte, Satin and Gloss) and when cross-linked with our Activator they exhibit outstanding protection for previously painted surfaces in the harshest of environments.  Mixing ratio is: 3 parts Clear to 1 part Activator.  Total control of the application, open-time, and cure rate can be achieved by using our Accelerator, Brush & Roll Additive and Reducer.

Use with: Colorants, Activator, Accelerator, Brush & Roll Additive and Reducer

Sizes Available:
  • 96 oz Short-Fill Gallon
Tint Base
Acrylic/Polyurethane Tintable Bases (CFEXU)

Our unique short-filled Zero VOC Tint Bases are available in a Neutral, Deep Tint and Tint version in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss sheens. The Bases are formulated to work with the Chromaflo 844 Volumetric Colorant System, which is widely placed within the industry. This system provides the dealer an opportunity to custom match colors with an available color database. This system is compliant in SCAQMD under the Industrial Maintenace Section of Rule 113.

Use with: 844 Colorant, Activator, Accelerator, Brush & Roll Additive and Reducer

Sizes Available:
  • Short-Fill Gallon
colorfast pre-colored base
Acrylic/Polyurethane Pre-Colored Silver

Sizes Available:
  • 96 oz Short-Fill Gallon
Gloss (MCS904)

  • Gloss Measured 80-85 @ 60°
  • For use on exterior surfaces such as: doors, porch surrounds and supports, decorative moulding, garage doors and outdoor furniture
  • For use on interior surfaces such as: bare or stained wood, cabinetry, mantels, wainscot, paneling, crown moulding, baseboards, chair rails and furniture

Sizes Available:
  • Quart
  • Gallon
Coverage: 320-400 sq ft./gallon
art gel medium
Art Gel Medium (Gloss 151 & Matte 152)

Manufactured with our exclusive vacuum process which eliminates air bubbles and promotes a smooth and extended application. This heavy-bodied, transparent, gloss or matte Art Gel Medium is used to extend our acrylic colors for producing textures, glazes, etc. on canvas, paper and other flexible surfaces. It dries clear and is non-yellowing, so it is perfect for color print enhancing and texturing flat canvas art. 

Sizes Available:
  • Gallon
Coverage: 180 sq. ft./gallon