A Great Performance from Modern Masters

A Great Performance from Modern Masters

When Dana DeBuck and Cindy Howard were hired to work on a Texas-sized house in Sugar Land, a southwest suburb of Houston, they applied several brands of decorative products to create some stunning designs and finishes. Modern Masters Exterior Metallics had its chance to perform in both lead and supporting roles.

The duo is the brains and brawn behind Houston-area Decorative & Faux Finishes; with the help of their crew the company has been creating custom faux finishes and murals for homeowners, designers, and businesses since 1998. “We love using metallics and Modern Masters,” said Howard. “Just recently I’ve started teaching online classes and I will be using a variety of products including Modern Masters.”

This large-scale residential project won a 2020 TOP JOB award from American Painting Contractor magazine, which recognizes excellence in pro painting projects. With a house of this size, there were plenty of places to showcase the product. “Modern Masters paint is so versatile,” said DeBuck. “We can use it on walls, ceilings, artwork, cabinets, and furniture. I would say the champagne is the color we use the most in the paint and plaster line, as it is a combination of gold and silver and gives us a soft look in metallics.”

The metallic plaster, a thicker product than the paint, got some stage time in the home theater. “We used it for its luminous nature,” said Howard. “It has a beautiful rich quality when we glaze over, and it has a masculine feel because it is so antique and rich. That’s why we used that product for that finish.”



Modern Masters Metallic paint got top billing in the dome over the chandelier in the entry way, which Howard estimated as 12' x 20'. “We needed something that was going to catch the light from the chandelier and the metallics are the answer when you want something in an elegant entry,” she said.

After a movie in the theater you might need to use the bathroom, and here they used Modern Masters, including the champagne color, for a peek-a-boo base. With this technique the metallic is not on top of the finish, but peeks through here and there as a base coat. “It gave us a beautiful start by having that shimmer when we troweled on the other products for all the beautiful layers,” said Howard. “With the background of metallic you can never go wrong.”

The team often creates custom colors, which are usually determined on site based on how they blend in with the surrounding area. With careful planning, says DeBuck, you can keep track of those colors in case you need to recreate them. “We try our best to note the ratios used and always make note on the container that it has been altered,” she said. “We usually store leftover product in clear airtight containers, so we don’t have to guess at the color.”

Even though they enjoy creating custom colors, Howard points out that the Modern Masters palette is broad enough so that most painters can find just what they need right off the shelf. “There are so many different golds! Tequila, Olympic, rich, pale … there are also blues, reds, metallics far beyond the traditional,” said Howard. “I like customizing every job but for someone who doesn’t do this as much as we do, they can find a color that’s already made and they don’t have to worry about creating it again if they run out or if a client wants to add on later. The versatility of colors is pretty amazing.”

Howard likes that the products are easy to work with. “They have more body than some of the other metallic products,” she said. “They’re a bit more opaque, which makes them friendly to use.” Also, she adds, they go a long way, so you only need to pay for the amount you need, or you can start small if you are just learning your way around the product.

“Clients love the result we achieve when using all or some of our layers in Modern Masters products,” DeBuck concluded. “It allows us the option of using soft colors, or when needed, a big bold punch of color. Their latest release of colors has some beautiful options for kitchen islands.”

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