vp trowels
Japanese Trowels

We searched the globe for a set of trowels with the right balance of feel and strength to apply our texture products and found them in Japan. Produced in the same region as the famous Samurai swords, these light weight trowels are made of 3 mm stainless steel, the thinnest in the world, which makes them extremely flexible and yet, incredibly strong. Our Modern Masters branded Japanese trowels are professional grade and will outlast and out perform other imported Japanese trowels.

For use with: Venetian Plaster, ShimmerStone, Metallic Plaster, Texture Effects, Glass Bead Gel

Sizes Available:
  • 225 mm
  • 240 mm
  • 270 mm
Natural Sea Sponge Roller
Natural Sea Sponge Roller

This 6” natural sea sponge roller creates a simple and quick decorative finish.

For use with: Metallic Paint Collection, Metallic Plaster, Shimmerstone, Venetian Plaster and Glazes

Sizes Available:
  • 6"