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  • Water Base
  • Exterior/Interior
  • Intermixable

James W Rogers was a coating innovator before WWII. He was mentored by the inventor of the alkyd resin and was part of a special R&D team that formulated top-secret coatings to support the war efforts. After the war, he owned and operated a paint manufacturing plant and store in Los Angeles. He was intrigued with several customers who were artists and decided to formulate a product more suited to their needs. His vision was a versatile, concentrated, acrylic paint that could be used by fine artists, graphic artists and muralists alike. He closed his paint store in 1962 and began selling artists acrylics, keeping his business small so that he could camp and fish. James never labeled his products, instead he wrote the name of the paint color on the can with a permanent marker! Only by word of mouth was the product known and sold. A lot has changed over the years, but we are still making the same tried and true formula today.

JWR Artist's Acrylics

JWR Artist's Acrylics contain 100% acrylic binders for flexibility and durability, with concentrated, lightfast rated pigments for color longevity.  Their creamy, easy to brush consistency allows for easy dilution in water for water color techniques and airbrushing.  They dry to a flexible, water resistant, non-yellowing film with a consistent matte finish.  Conforms to ASTM D4236.

Sizes Available:
  • Gallon
Coverage: 320 sq. ft./gallon
art gel medium
Art Gel Medium (Gloss 151 & Matte 152)

Manufactured with our exclusive vacuum process which eliminates air bubbles and promotes a smooth and extended application. This heavy-bodied, transparent, gloss or matte Art Gel Medium is used to extend our acrylic colors for producing textures, glazes, etc. on canvas, paper and other flexible surfaces. It dries clear and is non-yellowing, so it is perfect for color print enhancing and texturing flat canvas art. 

Sizes Available:
  • Gallon
Coverage: 180 sq. ft./gallon
texture paste
Texture Paste Light - SHV

Texture Paste Light SHV (Super High Viscosity) is a lightweight, flexible, non-mud cracking alternative to Modeling Paste, when flexibility and weight are a factor. Its unique properties make it perfect for texturing everything from paintable wall-coverings to fine art. Texture Paste Light can be mixed with any of our acrylic paints and mediums, and it weighs in at an incredibly low 4 lbs/gallon. 

Sizes Available:
  • 2-Gallon Pail
Coverage: 180 sq. ft./gallon
Artist's Acrylics