Never Fades guaranteed!
FC Glaze
Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream (PSFGC)

Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream is a water base, slow-drying, translucent glaze, formulated for maximum “working time” with excellent durability. It's lower viscosity allows for a sheerer application, designed to reduce the amount of glaze required while providing more fluid patterns and advanced effects.

For best results tint with Platinum Series Colorants.

Sizes Available:
  • Quart
Coverage: 10-200 sq. ft./quart
Tintable Glaze (DP608)

Our original translucent and durable water base glaze has a 1 hour “open time” with optimum viscosity for maintaining patterns on vertical surfaces. Ideal for any decorative paint/faux finish such as Marbling, Wood Graining, Exotic Mineral, Bone, and Overglazing. This glaze can be tinted with Platinum Series Colorants or Universal colorants.

Sizes Available:
  • Quart
Coverage: 150-200 sq. ft./quart